Business Opportunities

EGWater is seeking business professionals who are interested in distribution opportunities in the rapidly expanding market of EGWater atmospheric water making machines. EGWater machines already reach both sides of the globe, but there are many distribution opportunities still available.

Discover a world of opportunities for atmospheric water generators in a variety of applications:

Homes & New Construction
Health Clinics & Schools
Humanitarian Aid & Emergency Relief
Remote Villages & Work Sites
Government & Military
Farming & Greenhouse
More on uses...

The Need for New Water Sources

As the global water crisis worsens every year, the demand for a solution increases. Water is not running out, but every year more of us are sharing it. Additionally, drought, contamination, and pollution are serious problems worldwide. Air-to-water technology will provide a solution to the world’s water crisis, as water becomes the most valuable commodity on the planet; you could be part of the solution.

Purifying a depleting water supply is not a solution. There’s an abundance of water around us in the air we breathe. With the advancement of EGWater’s advanced air-to-water technology, water is extracted from the humidity in the air and does not deplete the existing water supply. Water vapor can continue to be extracted from the air indefinitely without impacting the planet. Using EGWater will contribute to the reduction of the carbon emissions by eliminating the need and added expense of bottling and transporting water.

Steps to Become an EGWater Distributor

Step One: Complete the Online Interest Form. Be informative, tell us where you're located and what region of the world and markets your interested in such as home/office machines or whole house systems, new developments etc. Tell us what experiences and resources you have to get a business going. Next, an EGWater representative will contact you within 1-3 days to discuss opportunities and work with you to customize a business model and product options that fit your needs.

Step Two: With a decision to move forward, you will be asked to review the distributorship agreement and purchase sample units for evaluation and market feedback.

Step Three: Upon approval, the Agreement will be provided for signature with a target set for the annual goals for growth. EGWater provides your company with all the building blocks for success. Our business model is structured so that each of our distributors has a trained technical staff to install and provide follow-up support to the end consumer before, during and after the purchase.

Benefits as an EGWater Distributor

Distributor Support:

Technical Training- training videos and hands-on training
Technical Support - Highly trained field technicians
Sales Support
Marketing Support
Engineering Support for customised projects