New Hope For A Drying Planet

The water problem that no one wants to talk about. Did you know that less than 1% of the world’s water supply is safe, drinkable water? Today, that finite supply is disappearing at more than twice the rate of the world’s population growth. According to current forecasts from the UN, two out of every three people will face a serious fresh water shortage in the next 25 years.

    The Environmental Protection Agency found that 45% of lakes and 39% of streams are impaired, and are unsafe for drinking, fishing or even swimming.
    Global water consumption risen six fold between 1900 and 1995 – more than double the rate of population growth.

What can you do about it?

As conscious consumers, we have the power to save thousands of gallons of water every year by introducing atmospheric harvesting into our homes and businesses. Our machines range from household appliances to industrial units for farming, agriculture and disaster relief.

There are over 360 quadrillion tons of water vapor cycling through Earth’s atmosphere every year.

Atmospheric water taps into this inexhaustible, ever-renewing water source to produce fresh, clean, affordable and great tasting drinking water. Nothing is taken way from nature.

By drinking atmospheric water, we conserve ground water so it can continue to nourish our Earth, farms and agriculture

Reverse osmosis filtering systems, while producing drinking water, wastes three gallons of water for every one gallon it produces. Atmospheric water doesn’t waste any water.

Unlike most bottled water which requires shipping across the country, Atmospheric water water which is made in your home or place of business which eliminates transportation emissions, landfill waste and industrial pollution.

Water Facts: Did you know?

40 billion working hours are spent carrying water each year just in Africa and it is generally women and children who are burdened with the task. (Cosgrove and Rijsberman 1998)

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