EGWater Atmospheric Water Solutions

You can look to EGWater to bring you the best in atmospheric water harvesting solutions. Our vision is to bring pure water to a thirsty world, to save lives, and contribute our part in bringing the day when access to pure water is understood to be a human right.

EGWater brings you a range of atmospheric water generators that helps you to 'make' pure safe drinking water from the air around us, in abundance. These 'revolutionary machines ' extract' moisture from the air, and convert it into pure and great tasting drinking water.

The water produced from an EGWater unit is always fresh and free from pollutants and harmful micro-organisms.

From now on, reliable and great tasting drinking water is something that you won't ever have to worry about. Simply because you can use an EGWater unit to make it yourself!

EGWater Atmospheric water has:

Never touched the ground.
Never been stored in reservoirs, water tower tanks or plastic.
Never been treated with chemicals such as chlorine or fluorides.
Never passed through miles of metallic and plastic pipes.
Never sat for years in questionable aquifers, lakes and wells.
Never contaminated with toxins, bacteria, and viruses.

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Healthier for you and the planet
EGWater machine produces the best water on the planet. Ambient moisture from the air passes through EGWater's Micro Anti-bacterial air filter, is then condensed into liquid form and ran through our industry leading, strict 4 part filtration system, where it emerges re-mineralized and is 99.99% free of contaminants
Cleaner air, too
EGWater machine has an additional benefit; it doubles as an air purifier. As it separates the water vapor from the air, it filters out dust particles, allergens, human and animal hair, pollens, microorganisms and releases clean air back into the atmosphere. Not only is pure, safe, uncontaminated water created; pristine, breathable air is also produced as a byproduct.
Cost effective
We estimate the electricity cost to be about five cents per liter of water harvested. This ends up being about 50% less than what it costs to have bottled water delivered by distributors.
This is a plug and pour solution.In less than 24 hours, You’ll have water to drink.Your water is always available and ready to drink.