Running on Empty.

Our planet is running out of its most precious resource: fresh, clean drinking water. Fortunately, there's real hope for a truly sustainable future. We harvest drinking water directly from the moisture in the air, conserving our ground water so that it can continue to nourish our earth. The future won’t be dry.

The future is now. For the first time there is a technology to provide water to billions of people across the globe....

EGWater's Mission

Imagine, the air you breath. EGWater is committed to provide clean, safe drinking water to people worldwide as well as aid in conserving our planet's dwindling natural resource.

We have the solution.

Imagine, the air you breath becomes the water you drink. We tap into nature's water cycle and mimic the conditions inside a cloud, to bring you pure, fresh dew water from the air around us. We transform air into best-tasting, purest drinking water on the planet in abundance wherever whenever.