How Does It Work

Our technology is unique and patented by EGwater and based on the known method of condensation.

This method bio-mimic Mother's Nature evaporation and condensation cycle.

EGWater artificially reproduces this phenomenon into the equipment through a mechanical condensation cycle. The energy efficiency of this cycle, powered by electricity or other energy sources, is the key to the economic viability for this technology.

Literally “is raining inside the box”. Fresh, pure and safe drinking water is produced.

Key Differences

Compared to other technologies, EGWater increases the amount of water production and reduces power consumption per liter. Maintenance, size and weight are also lower and drinking water becomes potable without expensive treatments.

The key of the economic viability of this technology is the energy efficiency of EGWater equipment. This has been possible thanks EGWater's patented water harvesting process; condensing a large amount of water vapour contained in the airflow using little energy through patented vapour enhancing technique.


Water Facts: Did you know?

The water and sanitation crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns. (2006 United Nations Human Development Report.)

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